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    Brush Pen Blending Comparison

    I thought I would share a brush pen blending comparison that I did. My comparison is based on blendability using three different methods. I was able to compare the Tombow Brush Markers, Crayola Supertips, Yoobi Brush Markers, Creatology Brush Markers, and Artist’s Loft Dual-tip Brush Markers. For fun, I added the Pentel Touch Sign Pens to the mix as well. I have compared the Tombows and the Artist’s Loft markers before, but I thought I would widen the field as there are many more brush pen options available. This post contains some affiliate links. This means I may earn a referral fee if you make a purchase through my link, without…

  • Artist's Loft Brush Pens

    Project: Tombow vs Artist’s Loft Brush Pens

    In the 3 months that I have been learning modern calligraphy, I have been exposed to many, many, many different brush pens. One day in Michaels I noticed that the Artist’s Loft brush pens were significantly cheaper than the more coveted Tombow Dual Brush Tip Pen. I was just getting into using brush pens so I just got the Artist’s Loft pens. I’d used them a bit but I wasn’t sure I was using them right. Since then, the Tombow primary colour pen set went on sale and I was lucky enough to get them. I’ve finally had some time to be able to play and compare the two and…