The Simplicity of Art Journaling

For the last couple of months, I have been playing with art journaling. I have created a handful of pages and have really enjoyed myself. I used to think I wasn’t artsy enough to do it, but then through a course I did (Wild 30 Creative Planning) and YouTube videos, I realized that it didn’t matter. You just put something on a page that you enjoyed.

I wanted to share with you my process of creating an art journal page. I feel it can be so simplistic and you can use whatever you have around the house. Now, to be fair, I have stamp inks so that’s what I use but that may not be the case for everyone. But, I’ll be posting more videos as I go along. If you would like to see the whole creation process, you can follow along on my YouTube channel. I will just be providing a brief description here.

The Tools

 For this Art Journaling page, I used the following:

Looking at this list, I want to mention that I am in no way affiliated with Tim Holtz or Ranger Ink. I just LOVE their products – especially for art journaling.

Art Journal Supplies


The Process

First thing I did was to spray paint my doily with the Mica spray. This way it was more likely to be dry by the time I needed it. The spray went on a little splotchy but dried fairly evenly in the end.

Art Journal - Ink The next big thing is to get colour on the page (the mixed media paper). I started off using the Old Paper distress ink and blending it on the page using the dauber and sponge. The next step was adding the yellow Mustard Seed colour. This went on a little darker than I intended but I just made sure to blend it properly. At this stage, I like to go back in with my original colour, the Old Paper ink, and add more ink to create a better blend with the second colour, the Mustard Seed. You want to make sure you’re switching sponges every time you use a new colour so that you don’t ruin your ink pads.

Next I used the Gathered Twigs to create a border. The darker the colour, the more likely you are to see where the ink went down with the dauber. This can be corrected by more blending. Just like before, I went in with the Mustard Seed to create a better blend with the Gathered Twigs.

I also want to mention that the distress ink sits on the page for a while before drying, allowing you to get the blend you want.


Adding texture

To add more texture to the project, I stapled the bronzed doily onto the page. This gives dimension, texture, and visual interest. The next step was to glue one of the paper dolls part way on the doily and the page itself. I then went over it with the Mod Podge before adding a butterfly from the Botanical die cut collection. I then Mod Podged over that too.

The die cuts also add some dimension and visual interest to the project. The Mod Podge gave them a bit of texture too.


The Lettering

Art Journal - LetteringNormally I like to stamp words or quotes on my art journal pages but this time I decided to try the Chitchat word stickers. My page was still a bit wet so they didn’t stick as well as I hoped. Next time I will wait a bit longer or use a heat tool to set the ink. The quote I picked was “This is your Journey. Create. Believe. Inspire.” I ended up Mod Podging over these too. Not sure if it made a difference other than the added texture mentioned before.


For Consideration

Once I got to this step, I took some time to look at my page. Something seemed to be missing. I played around with more of the die cuts but decided I needed more colour. At this point I grabbed my Dylusions flower stencil and Aged Mahogany distress ink and started stenciling around the border.

After this step, the bronze looked a little out of place so I daubed the mahogany ink on the doily as well. The doily kept its shine but the colour was better suited to the overall project.

Art Journal Final Product

I have really come to love and appreciate art journaling. When I first heard of the concept I thought it was a bit ridiculous to just essentially make a mess just for yourself. But it’s more than that. I find art journaling to be very relaxing and inspiring, even using some of the techniques I’ve learned to make a birthday card. I will post the tutorial once the person has received it.

Let me know if you like to art journal and what some of your favourite products are. I would also love to hear about artists I should follow. Please also feel free to share your work here or tag me on Instagram to check it out. I love learning and seeing new and different ways to use products, as well as finding new avenues of inspiration. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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