Pumpkin Bullet Journal Setup

Pumpkin Bullet Journal Setup

October means a new plan with me and I’ve chosen a pumpkin bullet journal setup theme! As always, these cute little guys are available for free (for a limited time so grab them before they’re gone), in my From Blank to Brilliant Library to email subscribers. I had a lot of fun with this one, incorporating many elements from my last video and blog post on paper bags. You can watch the video here, or over on YouTube so see how, and why, I put the elements together.

Monthly Setup Supplies

Turns out, I used a metric trash ton of Tombow supplies in this one. I had a hard time matching markers to my theme’s colour palette (more on my process later), and the Tombow Dual Brush pens were a better match than the Crayolas.

Honestly, wanting to use this Kraft notepad was the catalyst for using the paper bag pieces in my layouts!

Pumpkin Bullet Journal Setup

This month I went for my standard layouts: dashboard and quote page, monthly view, habit tracker, mood and symptom tracker, brain dump, and weekly layout. The biggest difference this month is the doodle challenge. That doesn’t mean I won’t be doing a doodle challenge, I just won’t be hosting one this month. Check out my IG to see who’s challenge I choose to do!

If you haven’t watched the video yet, I had a disaster incident in my bullet journal and decided to just throw the whole thing away and start over in a new one…

Now if that sound ridiculous to you, then why do you feel afraid of messing up your journal?! It’s just a journal so, after fixing it (not not before making it worse), I carried on! If you haven’t read previous posts before, I will break down my fix-it scale down below:

  • White gel pen to cover it up (minor issue) – LEVEL 1
  • White out/correction tape (a bit more challenging) – LEVEL 2
  • Stick something over it (a cut out piece from the back of your journal) – LEVEL 3
  • Glue pages together (no amount of “fixing” will help) – LEVEL 4
  • Level ??? – burn the notebook (i have yet to reach this level so I’m not sure what it will take, but I will DEFINITELY film and post it)

This mistake was a level 3 – easy peasy, all fixed, life goes on! It remains to be seen if I forgive the pen that inflicted this disaster but I’ve forgiven a lot worse.

I hope you enjoyed today’s setup. And I know I joke about burning my journal but seriously, if you ever have an issue that you want to fix, please reach out and we can come up with something together. It’s just a book and you can always, ALWAYS just turn the page!

Make sure to stay posted as I have some lettering and doodle tutorials coming your way next week!!

Look after yourself so that you can look after your loved ones!

Talk soon!

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