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Project: Modern Calligraphy Update

Modern Calligraphy Practice

As previously mentioned, I signed up for a #showmeyourdrills modern calligraphy challenge. The concept was to practice the basic calligraphy strokes over, and over, and over… and over again. The challenge lasted 4 weeks and I am proud to say I finished right to the end. This became an issue with the release of the next workbook. I still had a week to go but I was super anxious to start the next step.

Quick background reminder: this course is hosted by The Happy Ever Crafter – Becca Courtice. She is amazing! Her teaching is based on learning the technical aspect to calligraphy first. Once you are more comfortable with the basics, you then start adding your special twist or flourishes. I have taken a Skill Share course by The Pigeon Letters (also an incredible artist). Her style was not quite as appealing as she seems a lot more laid back. It’s also a lot shorter and just a peek at the skill. I created my featured image using the concepts presented by The Pigeon Letters. Its not bad but it’s not great either. I need to practice more. I am hoping to do an updated picture once I have progressed/practiced more.


Anyway, back to the course. The next step of the course is minuscules – lower case letters. I am onto practicing the letter “p” now and really enjoying it. The hardest part currently is finding the time to keep practicing the letters after I learn them. So, I try to fit it in a couple days a week where I go in and practice all of the letters I have learned so far.

Show Me Your Drills

Since October is coming to an end, this means that the next step is fast approaching: majuscules – upper case. Apparently, these are A LOT more challenging even to veteran calligraphers. So much so that Becca attached a practice sheet of a couple of the upper case letters just to see if it is something we would like to learn. The workbook goes on sale on Saturday so I thought it was great that we get to sample before we buy. All I have to say is BRING IT ON!

Two more modules follow majuscules: bouncing and stylizing, and flourishes. I am getting a lot more comfortable with the lettering and bouncing concepts (because of Instagram stalking J) but I have loved everything Becca has had to offer so far so I will finish off the course. I have already been playing in my bullet journal doing some lettering here and there and I’m already seeing great improvements.

I’ve seen a few other challenges and courses out there but this course has played right into my personality – technique first and then personalize. So, I am a BIG fan of Becca’s.


The course only opens a couple of times a year to ensure that everyone is learning/struggling together and can support each other. She also had giveaway challenges where you can win the next workbook.


Again, I am thoroughly enjoying this course and can’t wait to share more of my work as I progress. Follow me on Instagram (@mydaubimilllife) to get an idea of what the course entails and how my modern calligraphy is coming along. If you are evenly remotely interested and want to know how to get started, I will gladly show you the resources I’ve been using. Comment below or send an email and I will be in touch!


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