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Plan With Me: January 29 – 31

I decided to post another Plan With Me this month as I added another element. Since there are only 3 days of January left, I decided to do a partial spread and then include a January Reflections page. I have posted the video on my You Tube channel if you’d prefer to follow along there.



Plan With Me Supplies


Weekly Setup

As always, I use pencil first to outline my boxes. Once I am happy with the measurements, I go in with black pen. When using Faber Castell Pitt pens or Micron pens, I find that the pen line fades when I erase the pencil. My sister told me about the Tombow Mono Drawing pens. They are great and do not fade like my other pens do. These are available on Amazon.

The boxes on the left will be my daily boxes. They measure 12 x 10 bullet journal boxes. The right hand box will be used for memory keeping and journaling. As mentioned before, I use an HP Sprocket printer for my memory keeping. These photo sheets measure 2 x 3 inches. Instead of drawing a line to separate, I will be using a stamped image to separate the photo box from the journaling box.

The colours I chose for this week’s set up is yellow, green and blue. The borders in green and blue, as blue has been a recurring theme in my spreads, and yellow to accent lettering.


January Reflections

I decided to include a reflections page this month. It’s not something I normally do but thought I’d give it a try. I used stamps from one of my Studio Calico sets (from 2 years ago). The words are: watching, feeling, loving, making, exploring, loathing, and eating. The eighth block I used for a quote: “Embrace chaos before it has a chance to sneak up on you”. This has been my mantra this year and it’s only January!


Tip and Tricks

 Plan With Me StampingSo my biggest issues this week was with stamping. While editing the video I was able to reflect on where I went wrong.

  • Always make sure that your stamp has enough ink saturation. I think this is where I fell short this week.
  • Just because you’re not good at something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep trying. I stepped away from using too many stamps last week due to my issues I had the previous week. Just keep practicing!
  • Make sure the surface is sitting as flat as possible when stamping your image.
  • Do not rock the stamp back and forth. The more intricate the stamp, the worse off you’ll be if you rock. It’s a bad and lazy habit I’ve picked up that I am trying to break.


So this is the layout once I completed it. Overall I like how it turned out. I’m going to be trying a different layout for February. I did enjoy my January layouts except the boxes where too small on some days. So I will be working on larger boxes so I’m able to list more things. Life is picking up now after the holiday season so I have to stay on top of it.

Plan With Me: January 29 - 31

Let me know if you like the layouts. Let me know if you have tried using them or tried different colour combinations. I’d love to see what you have come up with. I will be posting my completed spread on Instagram (@mydaubimilllife), and my newly created Facebook page. My Daubimill Life (for those of you that don’t have Instagram).


As always, I appreciate you taking the time to follow along!





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