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Plan With Me: January 15 – 21

Bullet Journal Completed Layout

Welcome to the new Plan With Me section of my blog. I will be using a Bullet Journal as my planner and sharing my planning layouts and a description of what I’m doing. I have uploaded two sections of my Plan With Me videos (Part 1 and Part 2) in conjunction with this post so if you prefer to watch videos, please head over to my YouTube channel.


Functional yet Creative

While working on my layout for last week (January 8th), I stumbled across a layout that was both functional and creative. It was crisp and easy to use but still incorporated a memory keeping aspect. For this week, I wanted to carry this concept over but play with the layout a bit. Overall, I am happy with the result and, unlike any of my layouts before, I will be posting the completed spread to see exactly how functional this layout is.


My Tools

Plan With Me Supplies

The tools I’ll be using are as follows:


The Measurements

Before I start drawing with pencil everywhere, I measure out my blocks to ensure even spacing. This helps to create the balance you need to create aesthetically pleasing layouts. For this layout, I just split the two pages in half. The size of the daily blocks measure 13 blocks by 9 blocks. The first two rows of blocks in each box will be used as header boxes.

Plan With Me measuring

The Month header box measures 25 blocks by 8 blocks. I like to use calligraphy to create the header. The left hand side of the first page can be used for anything you want. I have chosen to use it as a to-do list and a quote box. Last week I used it as a habit tracker. But you can use it for a photo with journaling underneath it if you choose.

The layout on the second, right hand side page of the book mirrors the left hand side. I will be using the header box as a memory keeping journal spot. The larger 13 x 18 block space will be reserved for my memory keeping picture.

Decorating the Spread

As mentioned in the video, I like to decorate the edges of my layout. It just adds a pop of colour and gives the spread a more finished look. I used the 476 Cyan and the 565 Deep Blue to outline the pages. I also used the N15 black marker to draw a line where the two colours blend, just to add additional finish. My next step was to just add a fun decorative touch to the 476 Cyan but drawing lines around the border with the black marker.

The “January” header was done using the 493 Reflex Blue. I then used a black Micron size 3 pen to outline the lettering. The N95 Cool grey was used to create a shadow effect. I went over the shadows twice. For the days of the week and the dates, I used the 493 Reflex Blue that I outlined with the Micron as well.

My next step was drawing in the small boxes that get checked off as daily tasks are completed.

Plan With Me Creative Layout



 Plan With Me StampingSo there are a few things to note with stamping:

  • Let the stamped image dry completely (or use a heat to tool) before touching around that portion of the spread. I cannot tell you how many times I have smudged my work.
  • You want to be careful what kind of stamp ink you use. The Brilliance pigment Ink that I use works really well and doesn’t bleed on the Scribbles that Matter paper.
  • You want to take your time and apply even pressure to the stamp.
    • If you get an incomplete imprint, you can always double back with a black fine point pen to fill in the missed areas.
  • If you are using a stamp for the first time, make sure to stamp it the first couple of times on a scrap piece of paper. There tends to be a film on the stamp that could mess up the impression in your bullet journal.

The stamps I used were “Captured” by Studio Calico. This stamp set is roughly 2 years old so it may not be available anymore but there are lots of different and new stamp sets available. Unfortunately, I can’t recall where my “Happy Note” stamp is from. It may be Studio Calico but again, it is a few years old. I used “Important” from a Recollections Planner stamp set. This stamp set was on sale at Michaels’ for a couple of dollars.

Bullet Journal Stamping

Completed Layout

The final product is as follows:

Bullet Journal Completed Layout

I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I will be re-posting this layout at the end of the week so that you can see what the fully completed layout looked like.


Thank you so much for following along and if you have any questions or comments, please reach out below. If you have suggestions for me, I’d appreciate that too. I love learning new techniques and finding new layouts. If you made your own fun spreads using this layout as inspiration, I’d love to see those too! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me in the comments, through email, or on Instagram (@mydaubimilllife).


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