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One Little Word: February 2018 Vision Board

I was VERY slow working on the February prompts for the My Little Word project. The February prompt was to create a 2018 Vision Board. With the flexibility of the project, you could make a vision board using a poster board or canvas, but we have limited space so I decided to create my vision board directly in my journal. I posted a flip-through on YouTube if you would like to see as I talk through it.


My Biggest Hurdle: My Comfort Zone

This again was FAR outside of my comfort zone. It’s part of the reason it took me so long – I will procrastinate when I feel uncomfortable. I put a lot of pressure on myself just thinking about it and it took some time to push that pressure aside and just start putting things down on a page. I opened and closed the magazines a number of times before I actually started mentally putting the pieces together.

2018 Vision Board Magazines

Another hurdle was my strong dislike for tearing/cutting books and beautiful magazines. The magazines I bought are very beautiful and contain a ton of great articles. I found a lot of these articles were back-to-back so I was very hesitant to start cutting and tearing. What I chose to do instead was to take pictures of the images and quotes I liked, edit them to fit my page pockets, then print and insert them accordingly. There were a couple of quotes that I ended up laminating just to make it a bit more solid (since I stuck them to the outside of the pockets).


Lesson Take-Aways

Without this project I never would’ve bought these kinds of magazines. There were very many insightful articles containing coping mechanisms and meditating strategies. My favourite article was one in the Breathe magazine that talks about Highly Sensitive People. I think I knew this in the back of my mind but reading the words on the page and reading the most accurate description of my personality and thoughts was just such a relief. I am working on incorporating the coping methods suggested into my every day, especially when I feel the most anxious and stressed out.

The next hurdle for me will be meditation. Every time I sit down and spend some time working on my project, meditation keeps coming up. My family and friends would never associate me with meditation. It’s just not something that I feel I’m capable of. I will have to come up with the best way to incorporate this into my life. I think my first step will be practicing more yoga. Full disclosure: I hate yoga too. Not so much the physical aspect but definitely the mental and spiritual aspect. It’s just not for me. But, like I said, this may be something to change, after all, the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. The same things aren’t working anymore so change it is.

2018 Vision Board Sensitive People

Even with my hesitation to start this 2018 Vision Board, I am so thankful I did. I learned a lot about myself during the process and actually had a lot of fun doing it. Once that first piece was on the page, the rest just flowed naturally.

As always, if you have any comments or questions for me, please leave them in the comments below. I would also love suggestions and recommendations on “calm” yoga if you will. Also, if you have any suggestions for meditation newbies, please let me know. Any advice is very welcome!


Thank you for your time today! Hope you all have a great day!




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