New Bullet Journal Setup Cover Page

New Bullet Journal Setup

I decided to switch bullet journals which means that I get to share a new Bullet Journal Setup. I’m keeping most of the same layouts with the exception of 2 new ones I’ve added. Basically, my choice to switch bullet journals in February, 2 months after I started a new one, might seem wasteful, but it’s something I have to do for myself. If something doesn’t feel right or you don’t feel good about something, it can be hard to adjust or change. But when it comes to something like a bullet journal, that you can control, GO FOR IT! I am switching into an Archer and olive Notebook that I have been holding onto for almost a year now. I was always nervous to “ruin” it, but that’s not the point of these notebooks so I am using it! My setup video is available here and you can watch and follow along, or just read below.

New Bullet Journal Setup Cover Page


I am going to let you all know that I applied to the Archer & Olive affiliate program and I was accepted! So I am now an affiliate for them. This means that I am able to offer you a discount code, and, if you use my link, I make a little bit of money, allowing me to keep providing content and inspiration for you. They are an amazing company working hard to do right by the community and themselves and I have a great appreciation for that. So, I am incredibly happy to be an affiliate for them.

New Bullet Journal Setup 2021 Layouts

The first few pages of layouts I have kept the same. They either have been working for me, or I wanted to spend more time using them to see if they’ll work for me or not. When I do my next bullet journal migration in a few months, I’ll reassess what works and doesn’t work. You can check out my previous bullet journal setup blog post, to see what my general thinking about the layouts was.

Bullet Journal Setup: Kanban Board Layouts

I do want to talk about 3 of my favourite layouts that I recreated. These are my Video Kanban Board, my Blog Kanban Board, and my General Kanban Board. While these could be considered as fancy task lists rather than Kanban boards, I love them so much! They are so great for keeping on top of my consistent tasks I have to complete when creating a video or blog post. I could be better about using the general Kanban board, but the Video and Blog Boards, I strongly recommend for repetitive work (or home), related tasks.

Bullet Journal Setup: Budget Layouts

The next set of layouts I want to highlight are my budget layouts. Building a small business does take a trash ton of financial resources and this is my way of keeping myself in check, at a glance. I keep track of more detailed payments and purchases in a spreadsheet (I used to be an accountant after all), but I wanted to include this to be able to quickly see how much is flowing through each month.

Bullet Journal Setup: Budget Layout

Basically it’s the same with my craft budget. I keep detailed information separate and have this to see where I am at in general. There’s rarely any carry-over funds (mostly overspending :D), but my goal is to fall within budget at least 10 out of the 12 months.

I needed a better way to account for my spending in these categories. A lot of the time they may overlap, or seem to overlap, so this is a better accountability tool for me.

Bullet Journal Setup: New Layouts

The new layouts I created are a Book Tracker, and a Shipping Tracker. At some point, I will be putting a better reading journal together. But, in the meantime, I created this page to keep track of what I’ve read so far. I’ve kept it very basic, with headings for Name and Author, Platform (digital, audiobook, or actual book), the star indicates if I like it or not, and then a check box for whether I finished it or not.

Bullet Journal Setup: Courses and Books Layout

My Shipping tracker is kind of self explanatory. I have gotten particularly bad ordering things online, as I feel the world has, with the Pandemic. And I don’t always remember what I ordered (hence the need for budget trackers!). So I am tracking what I order, where I ordered it from, the order date, the ship date, and a check box for whether I’ve received it or not. My plan is to use this for orders from smaller business. I know we are all experiencing shipping delays so it’s more so for me to remember, and that the information doesn’t get lost in my inbox.

Bullet Journal Setup: Wish List and Shipping Tracker

So, there is my new Bullet Journal Setup 2021! I have a love/hate relationship with these kinds of setups. You never know what you’re going to want to use. I’ve found it best just to start somewhere. My first new bullet journal setup was only last year. I think I only used a fraction of the layouts. Granted, we were thrown into a worldwide Pandemic, but still! If anything, check it out for more inspiration. Even if it’s inspiration to see how much you can grow in a year.

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out via any and all social media channels.

Thank you so much for your time today!

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