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My Favourite Bullet Journaling Supplies

These are a few of my favourite bullet journaling supplies. They sum up all of my ongoing, and current favourites. I wanted to create a reference list for anyone who is getting started or wants to try and find new supplies to use. You can see my YouTube Video here for more information and to see me share more examples.

This post contains some affiliate links. This means I may earn a referral fee if you make a purchase through my link, without any additional cost to you. By doing so allows me to keep creating content for your enjoyment. Thank you SO much for your support!

The MVPs – Most Valuable Products (to me)

There are many, many different notebooks to choose from – different paper, different size, different covers. But my favourite to use is the Archer & Olive 160GSM A5 Dot Grid Notebook (try saying that 5 times fast). The reason why I love these notebooks specifically is the paper. There are more and more companies manufacturing the 160GSM thickness, but the Archer & Olive paper is still smoother than many of the other brands I have used. The beautiful colours, and covers are a big selling feature too, but the paper is worth it!

Basic Bullet Journaling Supplies

They are also an amazing small business, giving back to various communities who need it the most. I wanted to become an Affiliate for them because I love their products so much (there’s another one further down the list). As such, you can purchase your own notebook from them here, and make sure to use the code NML10 for 10% off of you order.

My next tool I have used consistently for almost as long as I’ve been bullet journaling. The Tombow Mono Drawing Pens are by far my favourite fine liner to-date. They don’t have a tendency to smudge on most journal papers, they come in a variety of sizes, and, the most important to me – the colour doesn’t fade when you erase over top of them! I am a pencil first planner so this is so important to me.

The third item is more of a nice to have for me. And that is a Sakura Gelly Roll Gel pen. This is my go-to to correct small mishaps in my journal. The best way to use the Gelly Roll is to activate the ink on the page, and then, instead of pushing hard like you would if you were writing, you push the ink gently with the tip of the pen. It’s great for smaller mistakes and barely shows up on your page (unlike correction tape or White Out).

Favourite Intermediate Level Bullet Journaling Supplies

I call this my intermediate level supplies because they aren’t necessary, but they are fun to have. I’ve included 2 or more of my favourites per category to accommodate for different budgets. I have indicated where I prefer which product.

Markers and Pencil Supplies


Even though there is quote the variety of markers to choose from, and I have managed to accumulate quite a few, I consistently use Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Crayola Supertips. These are hands down my 2 favourites. The Tombows are great for bigger lettering and creating cool watercolour effects (as well as water colouring). My favourite is to blend them as they blend so well together.

Crayola SuperTips are just an all-round great marker. The 100 pen box is under $20 and more colours than you could ever need. The tip allows for calligraphy lettering too which is another big bonus. I was able to build up my Tombow collection by buying sets on sale, and using my SuperTips in the meantime.

March Bullet Journal Setup

Pencils Crayons

I don’t use pencils very often in my notebook, but on the odd occasion I do and have, I have used my PrismaColor Premier pencils. They have a number of price points ranging from inexpensive to super expensive. Mine are mid-range and work great. They do go on sale so make sure to keep an eye on it and grab it on sale. The lead is softer than Crayolas so they’re a bit easier to add colour and blend with.

Alluding to the MOST important tool I love when using pencils is a blender pencil! This was a game changer for me and now I will recommend it constantly.

Washi Tape

Washi tape can be a great addition to your super minimalist spreads or your artsy creative masterpiece. My favourite washi tapes tend tp be the more simple designs or geometric shapes. I love using grid design washi as well as solid colours that complement my designs. In a classic do as I say, not as I do situation, start small and build up your washi collection as you go. Start with basics and neutrals and then build up from there.

Favourite Washi for Bullet Journaling


If you recently started following me (basically in 2020), you’ll notice I love designing, using, and sharing my own stickers. Stickers can add so much creative flair to a layout and also cut out a lot of drawing and writing time. You can find these stickers for purchase in Shop Natasha Miller Letters. I also have stickers temporarily available for free download to email subscribers in the From Blank to Brilliant Library.

  • Weighted Mono Line DotW
  • Doors and Keys Sticker Sets

As well as using my own stickers, I have a few of my favourite shops that I like to purchase from too. Like my washi, I tend to purchase stickers that are more neutral and will fit into whatever design or colour scheme I have going for that month. My favourite stores include Tipsy Dog Designs, The Coffee Monsterz Co, and Let’s Plan It. My other less neutral favourites are River & Ink, and Ohh Hello Michelle. I like to use these stickers for additional fun elements throughout the week.

Favourite Bullet Journaling Sticker Shops

Favourite Advanced Level Bullet Journaling Supplies

If you want to take your layouts to the next level of creative wow factor, these are the supplies I love to use! They definitely are not necessary for bullet journaling, but they are so much fun to use. I use these supplies for art journaling as well, so that I end up getting so much use out of them.


One of my newer favourite supplies to use are the Archer & Olive Acrylograph pens. They are paint pens that basically act as more of an acrylic-based gouache paint. They are so versatile and the colours just pop off the page. You can buy them in sets or individually which means you are now able to build your collection over time. This is basically how I started collecting most of the supplies on this list: slowly and over time.

Favourite Bullet Journaling Supplies: Acrylograph Paint Pens

Watercolour Paint

My go-to watercolour paint in my bullet journal is the Art Philosophy paint pans. They are relatively affordable, great for on the go, easy to use, and great colour pigmentation. These little tins combined with my Derwent Watercolour pencils and I am all set for water colouring in my bullet journal. The Derwent pencils can be expensive but they do go on sale on Amazon and Michaels so keep an eye on them and for coupons.

Spirited Away Watercolour Layout

Distress Inks

These Distress Inks were the first creative bullet journaling rabbit hole that I fell into. I primarily use them for blending backgrounds and blending with stencils, not so much for actually stamping in my bullet journal. I also use them for art journaling. Most of my work in 2018 used distress inks. I may bring them back again soon, but we’ll see!

Favourite Bullet Journaling Supplies: Distress Inks


And last but not least, stamps! I cannot say it enough: I LOVE stamps! They can cut down on so much time when putting layouts together. I’ve been using my Mini Calendar stamps in my weekly setups and its so much faster, plus there’s less bulk in my bullet journal than when I use stickers. Functional stamps can be great time savers too: appointments, important school dates and functions, days of the week stamps, etc. There are so many different uses. My favourites are alphabet sets. You can just stamp out your own days or headings and create consistent flow throughout your layouts. You can also use fun creative stamps for creative pops throughout your layouts too!

Stamping Layout

The downside to stamps is the learning curve that comes with stamping, namely inks, different rubber quality, they can be expensive. So this is definitely one supply where you start with something basic, practice, and then grow from there.

Some of my favourite stamp companies to buy from are The Sassy Club, Studio L2E, Studio Calico, and Ali Edwards. Majority of my collection is made up of these brands. For art journaling, I use Stampers Anonymous and Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley Collection with Ranger Ink stamps.

I hope you found this list of my favourite bullet journaling supplies helpful. As I mentioned throughout, I actually use these supplies both for bullet journaling and art journaling.  As more supplies are released and/or I’m exposed to different products, I will update this list accordingly.

If you have any favourites you’d like to recommend or have me test for you, please let me know and I will definitely look into! I’m always happy to discover new stationery supplies.