Miniso Metallic Pen Review

Miniso Metallic Pen Review

Today I have a short post and video on a Miniso Metallic Pen Review. This post is in no way sponsored and all supplies were purchased by me. These were an impulse buy as I was curious as to how they would work and I was pleasantly surprised. For the video, you can check it out here.

Below I have created a small table, as part of my Miniso metallic pen review, looking at price, opacity (on white and black paper), pen flexibility, bleed through, and smudging. The ranking system is pretty simple: 1 pen for poor to 3 pens for great.

? Poor
?? Okay
??? Great
Opacity on white paper???
Opacity on black paper??
Pen tip flexibility??
Bleed through??
Miniso Metallic Pen Review

Overall, I find these pens a lot of fun to use. They work great on black and white paper. They also hold up pretty well in a bullet journal (but I wouldn’t go thinner than a Leuchtturm). You can check out my post on stamping in different planners for a comparison. The tip flexibility compares to a Crayola Supertip but not quite as easy to obtain the thick and thin strokes. They do smudge a lot though so you definitely need to factor in dry time.

I really enjoyed playing with these pens and hope to return to Miniso soon to try and grab more colours. They are extremely versatile and super affordable, so if you do find them, don’t hesitate to grab some!

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