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March Bullet Journal Flip Through

Today will be a quick post sharing my March bullet journal flip through. I’m quite proud of how this turned out since I hand drew all of the characters.

Drawing is always something I’ve wanted to be good at but my perfectionism has always gotten in the way. Since starting the Oodles of Doodles challenge back in October 2017, and keeping up with it every month since, I have definitely seen improvements in my drawing. Now I just need to work on my colouring skills :).

Before starting the Oodles of Doodles challenge, I was doodling mostly shapes and patterns. This helped me to see how different shapes and patterns could become characters or items. So if you are wanting to improve your drawing skills, I would strongly recommend just drawing random shapes and patterns like I first did.

Hope you enjoy today’s post and I will be back soon with more content!




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