March Bullet Journal Setup 2023

Sharing my March Bullet Journal Setup 2023. For March, I chose a perfume and florals theme. Using watercolour brushes in procreate, I created and printed these images as stickers (available for free download for my email subscribers in the From Blank to Brilliant Library). As always, I am sharing a YouTube video too. But for this post, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on my February setup. So, lets get into it!

March Bullet Journal Setup

March Bullet Journal 2023 Supplies

Wrapping Up February 2023

I thought I would reflect on my February setup and how my experience led to the decisions for my March Bullet Journal setup 2023.

First things first, loved the theme and the colour palette. It was a great excuse to practice drawing birds and of course, bright primary colours are always fun. My issue was more the layouts. Since January, I’ve been trying new layouts for my calendar and notes pages – switching out habit trackers for goals and to do lists. This was to use in conjunction with my Makeselife Planner (but more on that in a later post). I found I struggled using this in January and didn’t use it at all for February.

I also tried to switch up my weekly layouts and it was a hard no. Having to measure out and count the boxes every week wasn’t productive or exciting. To be even more honest, I always struggle setting up my weeklies. I don’t find it exciting and fairly tedious! Which is funny because I feel the average person may find the initial setup tedious. But! I set up 2 weeks for February and then called it. In order to avoid that for my March setup, I kept it simple with my favourite horizontal layout.

March Bullet Journal Setup

Bullet Journaling and Purpose

I feel like I take a moment to address this every setup but it is important to remember. Your bullet journal has to work for you! If the purpose of your bullet journal is purely functional, then thank you for being here, but also, there is nothing wrong with that. If it’s purely creative, then that’s fine too. Rarely ever do creative journalers consistently make weekly layouts that are super creative. They rarely show their weeklies which I think ties back into the fact that their weeklies are more functional. I don’t share my completed weeklies – mostly for privacy since I do record my kids’ and husband’s schedule, as well as projects. But there really isn’t much to share in my weeklies.

I did want to share some of my favourite bullet journaling accounts to follow on Instagram. Some of them are creative, some are functional, but it’s always great to get inspiration from a variety of sources. So definitely check them out (if you haven’t done so already):

March Weekly Layout

March Bullet JOurnal Setup 2023

For March, I went back to my layouts that I used in 2022. I have my calendar pages, my habit tracker page, notes page, and then on to weeklies. I didn’t want to do anything too complicated as I am transitioning my planning line up. Once I am comfortable, I can share more about that. But for this month, I am all set with my tried and true layouts and favourite weekly setup. March is looking to be just as busy as February was which is why I deferred to a simple weekly. Time is FLYING by and I am having a hard time keeping up. Let me know if you feel the same!

If you made it through my TedTalk, thank you so much for still being here. I have some big changes planned for 2023. Excitement and anxiety is running high but hoping to push through and get everything done that I am aiming for. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I am happy to help. If you choose to recreate any of these layouts or use the digital files, please tag me on Instagram @natashamillerletters.

Talk soon!

Habit Tracker and Notes layouts

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