February Bullet Journal Setup 2023

We are getting into my February Bullet Journal Setup 2023. For February, I chose a tropical theme, going for parrots, monstera leaves, and hibiscus flowers. I also opted for a bright colour palette, relying on mostly primary colours with some fun blender colours added (namely, green). I kept the layout simple, similar to my January setup, except without the dutch door. Having the extra space with the dutch door was so helpful for January that I might change my weeklies up if I need to. Still leaning into functional weeklies. Below, I share my supplies, and some tips and tricks for this setup You can follow the video here, or continue reading down below.

February Bullet Journal Setup 2023

February Bullet Journal Setup 2023

Feb Bujo Setup Calendar Page

Bullet Journal Tips and Tricks – February 2023 Edition

  • Nothing in a bullet journal is written in stone. If something isn’t working for you, change it! I like to try different weekly setups every month and, for the most part, I stick to it. But if you really don’t like it, turn the page and try something different, or go back to an old favourite.
  • Not everything needs a purpose. If you like it, do it. My example here are my borders. I like it, so I keep creating the borders. Does my notes page make sense to everyone, no. But I enjoy experimenting with different layouts and setups.
  • I am adding doodle challenge spaces back into my journal. Even though doodle challenges aren’t as popular as they were when I first started, this is something I want to go back to creating. This is an example of something that works for me, so I am creating it
February Bullet Journal Setup 2023

January Setup Reflections

I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on my previous layout. I loved having the rolling weekly for my task list! It was so easy to write everything down and to just keeping going. This might sound obvious or strange, but I didn’t rewrite tasks that needed to be done. Because of how my layout was setup, I could clearly see what still needed to be done and just checked it off once finished. Lol! This revelation comes from my experience with traditional bullet journaling, where the list becomes such a mess and hard to follow, I had to write down tasks that didn’t get done so that I didn’t miss them. Having the space to see everything and separate everything, was so key to me.

For February, my columns for the daily to-dos are more narrow so we will see how it goes. As I mentioned above, if it doesn’t work for you, change it. Even if it is midway through the month. It’s your journal and needs to make you happy! I am keeping the rest of the layouts the same for February as I used for January, especially the notes and monthly to do pages. For January, I haven’t used these pages as intended but I wanted to try them again for February to see. Midway through January, I went on a vacation so the value in the monthly to-do was limited to the first part of the month.

B5 Weekly Setup Inspiration

Looking Ahead

I am so excited to be using these bright colours for February, as well as the motifs. I’ve been thinking about creating a parrot pattern for a while now, so we’ll see how this design goes – if I feel inspired enough to take it to the next step of my design process.

If you would like to grab these images, they are available for free (for a limited time) to my email subscribers. You can sign up to get access to the From Blank to Brilliant Library and download these images. If you do use these designs or layouts, I would love to see how you recreate/make them your own. You can tag me @natashamillerletters on Instagram.

Thank you so much for your time today!

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