• Monthly Spending Log

    Monthly Spending Log

    Needing something to track specific expenses, I created this spending log as a quick solution to keep track of my craft budget. I wanted to share this layout with you since we can all use budget reminders!

  • Cleaning Schedule Printable

    I finally got around to creating a cleaning schedule so I wanted to create this printable to inspire you to create your own. It’s a one page printable where you can add your own cleaning tasks and schedules. I added some cleaning doodles in the bottom right corner for some fun!

  • Self Care Bullet Journal Prompts

    Self Care Doodle Challenge

    As part of February’s love theme, I wanted to include an opportunity to practice some self care. I decided to do so through the monthly doodle challenge. I have created 3 downloads: February Doodle Challenge with prompts (meaning the month “February” is included on the printable) February Doodle Challenge blank (this is blank to allow you the opportunity to doodle your own self care prompts) Self Care Doodle Challenge (generic self care grid and blank prompts for creating a collection) Feel free to download the most appropriate layout for your needs. If you create your own prompts, please share them with me by tagging @natashamillerletters on Instagram so that I…

  • Bullet Journal Rapid Logging Layout

    Rapid Logging with Gratitude

    This weekly layout is a simple, clean layout ready for your personal touch.  Try out the Alastair method or cover it up with some washi to make it work for you. This is probably my favourite layout I have tried to date and I hope you use it and like it too.

  • January Doodle Challenge

    The January Doodle Challenge is themed: This or That. For every warm and cozy winter prompt, there is a fun and cool summer prompt. I live in Canada where it’s currently winter but I want to include summer prompts for those of you in warmer climates.  You can do the entire challenge, or just the portion that applies to you. Have fun with it and make sure to tag me @natashamillerletters. (For more doodle challenges, click here.)

  • Kanban Board Layout

    Kanban Board Layout

    For 2020, I have created a Kanban Board layout as part of my focus on productivity. I will be balancing my productivity goals with staying creative and colourful in my bullet journal. If you would like to give this layout a try, feel free to download this printable. To learn more about it, you can check out my January Bullet Journal setup blog post.