Dollar Store Brush Marker Review

It’s been a while but I am finally getting around to doing this Dollar Store brush marker review. They are the Studio Dual-tip Markers. I found them at Dollarama (in Canada), but I’m sure you can find this or something similar at Dollar Tree (in the US). These pens cost a total of $4 so I grabbed them and thought we’d take a look. My video review can be found here.

Studio Dual-Tip Markers

As mentioned in the name, these are dual-tip markers: a brush tip and an extra-fine liner. The brush tip lid is bigger than the fine liner which means you’re less likely to confuse the two in a hurry (been there!). The barrel is round and smooth and easy to hold.

Dollar Store Brush Pen Review

They come in a flat, plastic case and in a set of 12 colours. It’s a great variety and seems to be setup for blending. So far, for price, variety and colour, I am onboard but let’s look at the overall review.

Studio Brush Marker Review Chart

? Poor
?? Okay
??? Great
Tip Flexibility?
Bleed Through*???
* Depends on the paper quality

I tested the pens on a Rhodia paper pad which is about the same thickness as a Leuchturrm, and then 160 GSM paper. Neither showed bleed through or ghosting… until I added water. When trying to blend, the bleed through was terrible, ruining the back of the page. The ink does dry very quickly so it was surprising that it didn’t bleed or ghost through the thinner page.

Dollar Store Brush Marker Review

As mentioned, the ink dries very quickly, meaning blending is a bit of a bust with these markers. All three blending methods failed in terms of a smooth, non-distinct line. I was happily surprised that the markers look to be excellent for watercolour lettering and art! After swatching some ink on a blending palette (READ: laminated sheet), I used a paint brush to pick up the ink and do some painting (on watercolour paper).

It was SO fun! It swatched so well, the colours came out more pastel-y. I’m not a pastel person but I can appreciate that these markers look great.

My Overall Impression

Not that it needed to, but this dollar store brush marker review proved that these pens are a no-brainer. They are fun to use and try different techniques with, the colour range is great, and the price is amazing. With all of that said, I have no idea how long these will last and the tips might fray sooner than their more expensive counterparts. But if you’re not able, or willing, to commit to Tombows just yet, these do the job.

If you are just learning brush calligraphy, maybe don’t learn with these. The tip is very flexible and hard to control but they’re fun to play with and see if brush pens are something you want to get into. If your budget doesn’t allow for the higher end markers, these will do the job just fine.

Dollar Store Dual-Tip Marker Review

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Talk soon!

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