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December Travelers Notebook Setup

December Travelers Notebook Setup

In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing a gallery of my December Travelers Notebook Setup as well as some tips and tricks! I also have a YouTube video where I talk about it as I flip through it. But otherwise, it’s that time of year where every craft project tends to turn green and red. This year I opted for blue! I feel like the blue will carry me into January and February without having to change out colours again.

The blue setup was inspired by this beautiful B6 Traveler’s Notebook in Winter by Mystics Little Gifts. It was a limited edition but there is a B/S/T group on Facebook as well as other companies with similar options.


December Traveler's Notebook Setup

This was pretty straightforward to put together. Other than a couple of accent pieces here and there, I mainly used one scrapbook kit and the stickers that came with it. So here is the list of supplies:

Tips and Tricks

A couple of tricks I used to create these dashboards were pretty simple. Namely I used foam adhesives to give the dashboards a bit of dimension. I also used the Distress Ink and Blending Tool to create visual interest and depth as well.

When I ordered my scrapbook kit, I made sure to order a couple of the add-ons, namely the chipboard accents and an extra sheet of stickers. Normally these kits, particularly Echo Park, have die cuts available for purchase too. This particular kit didn’t but I have ordered some in the past that did. It just gives you a few more options for creating fun and interesting layouts.

My last tip would be about stamping on vellum. It can be super tricky as the ink tends to slide around the paper. Make very sure that you stamp simply up and down without moving the stamp block from side to side (easier said than done, I KNOW!). This way you will have a cleaner and crisper image. I also used my embossing heat tool to set the ink a bit (not too much or else the paper will burn), but otherwise I just let it dry on it’s own for a day or so.

Now without further ado, here is my gallery of my December Travelers Notebook Setup



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