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December Project Planning

December Planning

December is almost here and as usual, I have a huge wish list of things I would like to get done. This is pretty normal for me at this time of year. So many things I want to do; no time to do it. I normally leave things until the last minute too so I never get it all done.

This year is pretty much the same. Lots I want to accomplish and leaving it too late. This is the year I’m hoping to get it all done. So long as there aren’t anymore “surprise” day offs at preschool, I think it’s still pretty realistic.

(Quick disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this post. )

So this is what I am currently working on for December:


  • Advent Calendar

This year I decided to do a homemade calendar. I bought some paper bags and decorated them. I’ll be filling them with treats I’ve been collecting over the last couple of weeks. These include candy, Christmas themed toys, books, a shirt, and a Christmas pajamas set.

I am hoping to combine this with Elf on the Shelf shenanigans as some items don’t necessarily fit in the little bags.

December Advent Calendar


  • Elf Schedule

As mentioned above, I want to combine advent calendar treats with Elf shenanigans so I am hoping to create a schedule. This way I have specific ideas for the Elf and I remember what is in the advent bag.

For the larger items, like the book, I am hoping to make a map/scavenger hunt to find the Elf and the treat for the day. A part of me is still trying to wrap my head around this. I can come up with some pretty good ideas but sometimes my execution is seriously lacking!


  • “December Daily”

My next big project is something called “December Daily”. Ali Edwards is the woman behind the idea. In a nutshell, it helps facilitate memory keeping. Not just big milestones but to capture everyday moments. She encourages people to do this every/any day and sells story kits to help prompt you. December Daily is one of the bigger categories on her website.

Since my little guy is getting older and I would love to capture these special moments now, I’ve decided to take part. The idea is that you do some prep work on a mini scrapbook so that all you have to do each day is journal and stick down your picture. I was able to get a Christmas paper pad for $5 at Michael’s so I have been setting up a little binder. The binder was $2 at Target. I glued some Christmas themed paper to the inside and voila, it’s festive. Having a history of scrap booking, I still feel like I am overdoing it a little but I will reel it in if I run out of time.

I will share more on this as it progresses throughout December.


  • Christmas Cards

Every year I aim to make my Christmas cards. For the most part, I’m able to get at least some cards made. But I always leave it until last minute. This year is not much different. I know it’s only November 23rd but I like to get my Christmas cards out for the first week of December. I currently only have 5 ready to go. So I’m going to have to buckle down and get those done.

Normally this is achievable but with the other items mentioned on this list, I am running out of time!


  • Bullet Journal Setups

December JournalDecember marks the start of a new bullet journal for me. I will be moving into a Scribbles that Matter notebook and I can’t wait! I want to continue on with my creative layouts using lettering and doodles but again, I may have to reel it in.

I’ve also been participating in a number of Instagram challenges over the last 2 months. I would like to do so again for December but, being realistic and wanting to complete the December Daily project, I’m going to have to be very selective. My options are lettering prompts, doodle prompts, or writing prompts. I am leaning more toward the writing prompt for December as the theme is 2017 Reflections. 2017 was definitely a big and crazy year for my little family so it would be nice to document it to look back on.


Overall, I am super excited about all of these projects. I’m trying to keep my expectations in check as I can be very childlike in my enthusiasm which means I can feel deeply disappointed when it doesn’t work out as I planned. It’s kind of been the theme in my life this year though: have a plan but allow for flexibility to adapt to whatever may come. I’m still working on the flexibility part. Maybe one day I’ll get it!

What are your plans for Christmas? What special projects are you working on? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll be posting updates on these projects as December progresses but I will also be posting updates on the projects on my Instagram account: @mydaubimilllife.


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