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Creative Journaling in Isolation Part 2

Creative Journaling in Isolation

Today I am sharing the gallery of my Creative Journaling in Isolation Part 2. In my video, I walk through how I created the various layouts. But I will share some of those tips and tricks below.

I just want to emphasize, again, that this project is just for fun and something I wanted to do. Using what I have has been a big focus for me in 2020 and a project like this is perfect for that. Being stuck at home has been a key factor too…

With that said, I will share some of my supplies below.

Creative Journaling Supplies

I will be covering my most used supplies as I have been using lots of different items here and there. But overall, there are supplies I have used consistently both here and in the first journal.

The washi I used comes from all over. I used Crayola Supertips to outline borders. Tombow Mono Drawing Pens were my pens of choice for journaling. Basically I just raided my stash and used what I found.

Creative Journaling Tips and Tricks

Alphabet stamps are the most versatile stamps you can buy! A lot of my sets contain 2 different version of the same font. My Amy Tangerine Alphabet stamp has bold and skinny letters, my Studio L2E Tall and Skinny set has 2 different sized fonts, etc. I find I get the most bang for my buck out of these kinds of sets. Occasionally I’ll use symbols so I tend to look for sets that contain symbols too.

The other thing I love about these stamp sets is the ability to embellish them. You can use a grey pen or marker (I use Crayola Supertips) to add a shadow, a white Gelly Roll to add elements on top of the letters – the opportunities are endless. Especially when it comes to the bigger alphabet sets like the Studio Calico and the Amy Tangerine. You can also add elements like dripping or serifs if you wanted. I can keep going but I will stop there for now! It’s tempting to get the picture stamps but definitely don’t discount the alphabet stamps. I do want to say though that the clear alphabet stamps are easier to use as you can see where to line them up, so keep that in mind.

But now, on to the gallery.



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