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Colour Theory Hack using Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens

Tombow Colour Theory Hack

While planning one of my layouts for January, I stumbled across a colour theory hack. I was using my Tombow Dual Tip Brush pens and found that they worked the best. I tested this hack using my Artist Loft brush pens and it didn’t work quite as well.


The Colour Theory Hack

As per colour theory, you want to use colour combinations that are aesthetically pleasing and cohesive. This can be easier said than done. I have struggled with this in the past myself but am slowly learning to trust my gut. One instance of going with my gut is the layout pictured below:

January Layout using Colour Theory Hack

I initially HATED this layout. My inner critic was screaming at me. It was a stamped and smudged disaster. I kept going though and using a black pen, a white gel pen, and A LOT of white out, I managed to fix it to the point where I didn’t just want to glue the pages together.

After all the work and effort, it was still lacking something: colour. So I grabbed my Tombow pens and I was off. I found that by combining two of the colours, you can use the resulting blend as your third colour, resulting in fool proof colour theory.

Happy Birthday using Colour Theory Hack

I have uploaded a YouTube video if you need more visual input. This way you can see what I did and how it all works together.

Not all colours work well together and it may take some trial and error. I found blended the darkest colour with the lightest colour was going to give you the best results.


Things to Note:

  • The easier and quicker the pens blend, the better. It’ll make that third colour easier to match.
  • Paper quality is a HUGE element. Good paper quality, such as Rhodia or Scribbles that Matter, will allow the pens to blend easier. They also won’t damage or fray the tips of your markers.
  • Play, play, play. The more you play with colours, the easier this will get. Tombows are self-cleaning in that you can just wipe the blended colour off on the paper to restore the original colour.


As mentioned in the video, my Tombow supply is limited so if you have additional colours and want to share some more colour combinations, I would LOVE to see it. Please comment below or tag me on Instagram @mydaubimilllife.


If you are interested in buying Tombow Dual Tip Brush pens, you can find them in a variety of stores. Amazon is where I purchased mine but Michaels has recently opened a Tombow display allowing you to purchase pens individually. So you can check that out too! I’ve also done a review of Tombows vs the less expensive Artists Loft brand that you can use as a purchase guide as well.


Let me know about your experiments and hacks! Knowledge is power and sharing is caring :).



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