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Bullet Journal Plan With Me: April 1st

For today, I prepared a short plan with me video for an April title page and 1 day covering April 1st. As usual (it may seem), I ran into some issues while decorating. Biggest issue being I explain my processes throughout the commentary. But for this blog post, I wanted to make a note of the supplies I used and a few key points to take away from the video.

April LayoutMaterial

  • Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal
  • Generic sticker paper
  • Lettering Delights “Hip Hop” cut files
  • Silhouette Design Studio
  • Silhouette Cameo 3
  • Crayola Supertips
    • Grey
    • Black
    • Pink
  • Tombow Mono Drawing Pens (sizes 03 and 05)
  • Stamps:
    • Studio L2E Labels and Tabs: Sentiments (one of my absolute FAVOURITES)
    • Clearly Kelly Planner stamps (from Simon Says Stamp)
  • Memento Graphite Black Stamp Pad
  • Pental Hi Polymer eraser

Tips and Tricks

So the big take away from this week is that almost every mistake is fixable. In this video, I wrote Monday instead of Sunday as my day of the week. To fix this, I used a leftover piece of sticker paper to cover the “Mon” and lettered “Sun” over it. You can still see there is a sticker but now it looks more like a bordered sticker. Where as if I were to use white out, it would be a mess as white out doesn’t hold up yo my felt pens.

April Bullet Journal

The other mistake I made was tearing my title page sticker. It wasn’t the best design to begin with (played with my Design Studio software and the files), but thankfully I was careful enough to stick it down without too much overlap (or too little).

As (I hope) you can see, my stamping is getting a lot better due to practice. I have been stamping a lot which you will see in my next few blog posts. I’m also very diligent went it comes to re-inking my ink pad. It’s made a huge difference.

April Bullet Journal

As always, if you have any questions and comments, please let me know below in the comments. You can also reach out through social media. With this all said, I wanted to comment on the recent changes to my blog. I had run into some issues with my previous theme and I had received some feedback which  made me decide to change it. I hope this new theme and layout is a lot easier to read and subscribe to.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this and watch my videos. I greatly appreciate it!


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