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Brush Pen Blending Comparison

I thought I would share a brush pen blending comparison that I did. My comparison is based on blendability using three different methods. I was able to compare the Tombow Brush Markers, Crayola Supertips, Yoobi Brush Markers, Creatology Brush Markers, and Artist’s Loft Dual-tip Brush Markers. For fun, I added the Pentel Touch Sign Pens to the mix as well. I have compared the Tombows and the Artist’s Loft markers before, but I thought I would widen the field as there are many more brush pen options available.

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Brush Pen Blending Comparison

I used 3 differently blending methods for my brush pen comparison. Note: when blending, the lighter colour always goes down first. The darker colour is what you blend into the lighter colour.

1. The Pick-Up Method

The pick-up method is when you put colour 1 down on a piece of acetate, acrylic, or a ceramic plate. Using colour 2, you “pick-up” the ink by swiping the tip through colour 1. Every now and then you return to pick-up more of colour 1 as you letter.

2. The Blender Pen Method

For this method, you write the word with colour 1. Using colour 2, you rewrite over a portion of the word you wrote using colour 1. Now you take the colourless blender pen and start to push the colour 2 into colour 1 (check out the video if you would like more clarity).

Brush Pen Comparison

3. The Water Brush Pen Method

This method is similar to the blender pen method, but instead of a blender pen, you use a water brush pen. To save some time, I just drew both colours next to each other and blended the colours using the water brush pen.

Brush Pen Comparison

Below is a table showing the blending results, but also the price points and the basic characteristics of each pen I tested. Not surprising, the Tombow Dual Tip Brush pens were the best for blending, but overall, when considering price, availability, colour options, and blendability, the Crayola Supertips would probably be my number one choice.

Brush Pen Comparison Chart

I had a lot of fun comparing these brush pens. I’ve managed to accumulate more since filming this video so there will be more comparison videos to come! Make sure to subscribe so that you know when I upload videos. I promise I will not spam you!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or comments! I know Tombows tend to be the favourite (because they are amazing), but are any of the other markers I compared a close second, or even a number one? Let me know! 

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