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On YouTube today, I share a video of an art journal cover page I recently made. I wanted to dress up one of my Traveler’s Notebooks so I thought it would be fun to include an insert for an art journal. I made the insert myself using mixed media paper cut to size and some cardstock for the cover. But I wanted to decorate the front page too.

The Supplies


The Process

As with my bullet journal spreads, I decide on my colours based on the sticker. This sticker was fun and unique in the colour combinations used so I had a lot of fun picking out colours for this layout.

Firstly, I used the Milled Lavender ink to colour the doily. I decided to cut the middle out to see the background through the doily. I also wanted the doily to dry so I would have options if I wanted to change something later.

Next I inked the page with the Pumice Stone ink. I just worked to get the ink all over the page in a semi-even coat. As mentioned before, I like the effect of the distressed look.

Once the page was covered, I took my star stencil and the Festive Berries ink and started inking the stars. I messed up the look I was going for by getting ink along the straight edge of the stencil. But the great part of art journaling is that you can fix it.

But before trying to fix it, I grabbed my Chipped Sapphire ink and Burlap stencil to layer colour and effect along the borders. I found that the burlap stencil effect hadn’t covered up much of the pink edge and, wanting to add the Lucky Clover ink, I went along the edge adding more colour.

Next step was adding the doily. It took a while to decide how I wanted the doily to feature. In the end, I cut it in half and added a “wreath” effect around the sticker. I stapled the doily to the page to add more texture.

After adding the sticker, I went back in with the Milled Lavender ink and blended over and around the sticker as well as back on the doily.


Added Elements

After spending sometime considering the layout, I felt something was still missing. I went through some of my fonts on the computer and decided to add some lettering. I print and cut the letters and added it to the layout.


It definitely didn’t turn out how I initially imagined but I love the end result. That’s what I love best about art journaling. You can start off with an plan and then just see where it takes you.

If you have any comments or questions, please comment below or reach out in Instagram (@mydaubimilllife).


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