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A Morning in Sausalito

On a crisp but dry Sunday morning, we decided to take a trip out to Sausalito. Located just north of San Francisco, across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, we were excited for our mini day trip.

Using Google Maps as our guide, we ended up winding through the neighbourhoods of Sausalito, getting a chance to take in the views as well as some of the more creative architecture. This included a couple of house built into the side of the cliff with the garage/car port sitting on top of the house. This doesn’t make a ton of sense to me given the daily threat of an earthquake, but it was still interesting to see none the less.


Exploring Sausalito

Thanks to Google Maps, we started out in the less touristy part of Sausalito. There were a few restaurants open, particularly two breakfast diners with lines almost around the block. We walked past a number of office buildings and houses but nothing we would’ve attributed to the bustling tourists we were expecting.

The one thing I will mention is the TON of cyclists throughout Sausalito. In our area of the Bay, we don’t have too many cyclists so this was an adjustment. You definitely have to shoulder check when opening your car door.

Scomo's in Sausalito


Downtown Sausalito

Downtown SausalitoOnce confirming on the map that we were in fact in the wrong section of the City, we jumped in the car and kept going.

Soon we were greeted by the bustling downtown city we were expecting. What we weren’t expecting was the breathtaking view of the bridges and downtown San Francisco. We essentially parked right next to the ocean. It was amazing!

We then went on to wander around the City. Known as an artist haven, we definitely saw this reputation reflected in the store fronts. There were a number of galleries displaying painted portraits, glass blown ornaments, metal statues, etc. The lack of stereotypical tourist traps was so refreshing, replaced instead by stores with personality and something more to offer. Don’t get me wrong, there was still the odd souvenir store dotted here and there, but nothing like we’ve seen before *cough*Fisherman’s Wharf*cough*. Another thing to mention, these art stores were very expensive so we elected not to enter with a little toddler tornado.


Where to Eat – Sausalito Edition

There are a number of restaurants to choose from, all varying in price. We chose to eat at the Napa Valley Burger Company. The prices were reasonable, the portions were huge, but the food was incredible. It made me realize how long it’s been since I last had a good burger.

They weren’t your stereotypical burger options either with some interesting twists and flavour combinations that were really delicious.

We did give the wine menu a miss (I know! That doesn’t make sense when eating at a restaurant named after Napa Valley), but they did have a lot of options from Napa and Sonoma, and offered wine pairings with your burger. Overall, it was a great lunch – both in quality, price, and atmosphere.


After lunch we continued to explore more and took more pictures of the spectacular view. There was some haze in the air so my photos don’t do the view justice unfortunately. I guess it’s the perfect excuse to check it out for yourself. I would strongly recommend taking a stroll through Sausalito if you are ever in San Francisco or the Bay Area.


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